@ Your Library


The free community public library is well established in many places around the world. In this current recession, it’s a great source for more than books. Check out this list of Money Saving Tips at the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council in the UK.

I’ve taken advantage of many of these tips. One suggestion is to learn a language from the library’s audio collection. I already have quick traveler’s guides to German and French downloaded because I’m going to Europe in April. My library’s audio collection includes a group of “In Flight” lessons, presumably so you can learn the basics for travel while you’re on the plan to a county.

I misread one item on the list. “Some library services let you borrow a smart meter to measure your how much electricity you use at home…” I quickly read “electricity you use at home”. Hey, I could take my laptop to my local library and use their wireless and electricity instead of my own…

Just remember, your local public library isn’t really free. You’ve ALREADY PAID FOR IT. The majority of the library funds come out of local taxes. You pay those as you go. So you’re helping pay for this wonderful service. Don’t waste your money!