Who Named JR?


My book club is reading Giant by Edna Ferber this month. As I was reading it last night, I noticed the initials of the man throwing the huge party at the beginning of the book. Jett Rink is one of those larger than life Texans. So was J.R. Ewing from the Dallas television series from the 1970’s thru 1980’s.

Tell me – did the creator of the TV series use the initials JR in homage to Edna Ferber’s book?

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  1. Comment by Anonymous:

    That thought struck me when I was watching the movie “Giant”. I think the plot of Giant was adapted for “Dallas”. The novel revolves around a cattle baron who is challenged by the evil Jett Rink’s desire to build an empire on oil and his desire for Lesley who, I think, was split into Miss Elly and Sue Ellen.