What Is Your Reading Speed?


Recently I’ve been following Lynn Viehl’s blog, The Paperback Writer.

Today she posted this test from Staples:

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

I’m above average in reading speed, which is no surprise since I read so much. I took the test twice – and the test gave me a different selection the second time. I did better the second time, reading 562 wpm. The first time it was 451. I didn’t recognize the first text so read a bit slower. The second time it was a selection from Alice in Wonderland and I read it more quickly. The reader is also given three multiple choice questions after reading to test comprehension as well. It’s an interesting exercise.

Check it out.

LazyGal, I’m especially interested in your speed. Anyone who reads as much as you do… Viehl did a screen shot of hers – 1,001 per minute! Whew!