The Great Gatsby by F. Scott FitzgeraldThis blog has been created to be a companion for my web site. My latest book review is on The Great Gatsby.

As I mention in the review, I had avoided reading this book. But circumstances sometimes make us change our minds. That’s what happened and I read the book.

Actually, I listened to it. It was the Tim Robbins version of the audiobook. Robbins did a very good job with the voices and characters. Unfortunately, it is quiet. I kept turning up the speakers in the car. The letters written by F. Scott Fitzgerald at the end of the book are read by Robert Sean Leonard (of House fame right now). I had to laugh at Fitzgerald’s description of getting anything done in Hollywood. I guess things haven’t changed much in over 80 years.

I found the book very good. What do you think of it?

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  1. Comment by -Lindy:

    You avoided “The Great Gatsby”?!? I loved that book! Okay, maybe not loved. But I actually read it, and I didn’t hate it. That has to stand for something. Actually, I remember liking it. Except the crazy billboard about the optomtrist. Metaphors.