Wedding Reading


I was invited to a beautiful wedding this past weekend. My daughter was one of the bridesmaids. Of course you shouldn’t read at a wedding (tell my other daughter that…) but I still found book time. It’s always smart to have something handy and portable because you never know when you’re going to be just hanging around. Waiting for the rehearsal dinner and before the wedding easily gave me three hours to read Julie Garwood‘s romantic suspense, Murder List. I was able to finish it that night after I went to bed.

A Southern California wedding in August is beautiful. Andrew and Carla had a wonderful, at times humorous, at other times evangelical wedding. The reception was held outside right after on her college alma mater’s grounds. Although we were under huge shade trees, there was a suntan lotion towelette at each plate. (If I had used mine, I wouldn’t be pink now.) They had one hors d’oevre I hadn’t seen before – there were SnoKones. After spilling the syrup down my dress, I decided they wouldn’t be featured at any event I give…

Congratulations, Carla and Andrew.

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  1. Comment by Leslie:

    SnoKones are a great treat. I’m surprised to find them at a wedding (the syrup and all). I guess it was part of their summer time theme.