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If you have followed me much, you know I’m not just a reader, but a READER. I’m sure I have mentioned that I have passed that trait on to my daughters. My older daughter is busy with her family, so can’t read as much – perhaps a book a week. My younger daughter, though, reads more than I do. She reads faster than I do. And most of what she reads is current, easy fiction. (OK, they’re not exactly easy, but they’re mostly contemporary American which is easier than, say, Virginia Woolf’s The Years or Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera. Still, most of her novels have at least 300 pages in them, often more.)

She got married a couple weeks ago. She lives in Portland, Oregon, the home of Powell’ Bookstore, a huge independent bookstore that is well known by many American book lovers even if they haven’t been there. She helps support the store. When anyone visits, that is one of our “tourist” stops. I can’t visit her without a trip to Powell’s.

So when they set the date and we were discussing photo shoots for the wedding, one kept coming to mind. Fortunately our photographer agreed it was a good idea. Powell’s didn’t have an objection, either. So we have a series of shots of her sitting on the Purple Room stairs “reading” and holding a cup of coffee. Her bridesmaids are trying to convince her it’s time to leave because she has to get married now. But she has to “finish this chapter” before she can do anything else. Without the back story, the pictures don’t make sense. But they’re rich for her memories. We also took some shots and a cute video in the middle of the literature stacks.

Here are the sisters – fighting over a book…

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  1. Comment by Jacqui Gonzales:

    I think it’s funny that you think I only read one book a week. On a slow week I read one book a week, even with the kids!