Web Page Update and 999 Challenge


The Fencing Master by Arturo Perez-ReverteFor September I only added four books to my 999 Challenge list. My reading was down this month, too. But as I mentioned in a previous post I’m close to finishing up my web page upgrade. I think I’ve finished all the individual pages Now I have to finish up some layout and menu problems. The main page still needs finishing, too.

If you like good historical stories and mysteries, check out Arturo Perez-Reverte’s The Fencing Master. It’s very well done. It shows the political climate and machinations of the time. The monarchy was in trouble and the people as a whole were demanding more recognition. It also shows the cultural changes of the mid 1800’s Madrid. The fencing master is older and a dying breed. When he was young fencing was still an art and still the method of fighting. Now guns are taking precedence and his approach is scorned by more and more people. Perez-Reverte captures the personal conflicts the fencing master has as he faces aging and watching his life disappear. Then when the 50+ year old man falls in love his life becomes more complicated. (Of course love always complicates things, doesn’t it?)