Watch This Space


Publishers stumble upon my review website, Jandy’s Books, and offer books for review. I accept some of them, but not all by any means. I have my normal pleasure reading to do as well. I’ve also been offered support for author interviews and other marketing strategies that I politely turn down. For almost 15 years this has been a hobby site for me. (Hmmm, that’s half my daughter’s life. Odd to think of it in those terms.)

This week I had an offer I can’t pass up. Jody Lynn Nye took over Robert Asprin’s M.Y.T.H. World before he died. Her newest one is MYTH Quoted. This is one of those charming humorous fantasy series with puns, word play, and pratfalls to keep the reader chuckling or laughing out loud. I quickly agreed to read a copy of the new one for review. I haven’t read a M.Y.T.H. book in a while although I often recommend them when I see other people interested.

I was also offered the option of an interview or Q&A session and a give away. So…

In the next couple days, you should be seeing that. Watch for a MYTH Quoted contest and enjoy the M.Y.T.H. world with me. If it goes well, perhaps I’ll accept other offers.