Visiting the Gold Library


On Friday I attended a technology symposium sponsored by the Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona (MLGSCA). It was held in the Cerritos Public Library southwest of Los Angeles. The building opened up 7 years ago. It’s phenomenal.

I’m not kidding about the “gold” building. The upper portion of the outside is painted a gold color that shines in the son like a worn gold surface. The inside is 3 stories of wonder. We had a guided tour by one of the librarians.

The children’s room includes a sky scape in the middle of the room, a star scape in the rest, a banyon tree complete with jungle bird sounds, a light house, books, an art and crafts room where they also hold birthday parties, and other benches, nooks, sculptures, etc. The entrance looks like a group of books tumbled on each other.

Different aspects of the library have different decor. It was styled with different architectural designs throughout the centuries from heavy wooden “old European” feel to a early American “prairie” feel to art deco to futuristic depending on where you wander. There are books galore, of course, but much more.

There are over 150 public computers available, most hooked to the internet but some hooked into the library databases for research. The third floor has meeting rooms and a tech room for classes and sessions for computer training. They have RFID self checkout and staff for the personal touch at checkout. They have a graphic designer to help with signage, posters, advertising, etc. The art work includes very old to very modern, including a wonderful “21st Century” sign done with lights.

The Cerritos Library is a dream. I don’t want to be a public librarian, thank you. But a job there could make me reconsider that option…

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  1. Comment by Aravis:

    I wish I could visit it! How great would it be to be a child in that place. It sounds like a Wonderland for (so-called) adults like me, too! *G*