Variety of Reading


This comment was posted on my previous blog entry:

“Not really a comment on meeting old friends. I was browsing your alphabetical list of book titles and was surprised that such an otherwise comprehensive list does not include Mansfield Park.”

Nope, I’ve never gotten around to Mansfield Park – this person is right. Nor have I yet read Persuasion by Jane Austen, either. Those are both on my “some day” list – which may or may not happen. I also still haven’t read Catch-22, all the Nora Roberts novels, more Toni Morrison, Jim Butcher‘s Codex series, the rest of the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov, or finished up the Ann George mystery series. There’s a reason my website front page says “So many books, so little time”. There is so much I want to read.

I talk about Mt. Bookpile frequently. Except for a couple of the Nora Roberts books, none of the other books I just mentioned are in Mt. Bookpile. I’d like to read them though.

My library book club has been good to get me read things I wouldn’t have otherwise – for example Giant or Middlemarch or Eat, Pray, Love (and those are only in the last year).

I find it interesting that the commenter calls my reading list comprehensive – I call it varied. There’s so many genres and authors that I like to read that I can be all over the board. Yes, I have my definite favorite genres – science fiction and mystery especially – but I just like to read.