Twilight – the Movie


Twilight by Stepehenie MeyerLast year I discovered Twilight by Stephenie Meyer before I learned it was the beginning of “the set” of young adult fantasy novels to read currently (post Harry Potter?). Then the movie came out last fall, If there’s anyone in that age reading group in the United States who had missed it before, that person certainly now knows about Twilight, Bella, and Edward. The movie came out on DVD this week.

My younger daughter saw the film three or four times in the theater. She had the DVD preorderd as soon as possible. It arrived Monday and I’m fairly sure she sat down and watched it that night.

I never did make it to the theater to see it. But it arrived from NetFlix today. I’ll be watching it tonight. I think the books are great and know the movie can’t match up. But, presumably, they’ve done a good job with it. (Otherwise my daughter wouldn’t have seen it so many times in the theater.) I’ll probably want to re-read it afterwards, too.


  1. Comment by Aravis:

    I love those books, and Randy brought me the movie Saturday; he had the store where he works put aside a copy of me. *G*

    It seems that people either loved or hated the movie. I’d be interested to hear your opinion, even if you don’t like the movie. :0)

  2. Comment by cafeshree:

    A friend of mine who LOVED the books was not as thrilled with the movie.

    I got halfway through Twilight and gave up. Seems you love them or hate them.

    we can’t keep these books on the shelf at the library, so that’s good.

  3. Comment by -lindy:

    I absolutely did not watch it that night! I had something going on…then stuff with Josh. I didn’t watch it until Friday.