Traveling Again


Once again I’m traveling – to a conference. That means deciding what books to pack. Since I’m flying, I don’t want any hardbacks, which eliminates James Patterson’s Sunday at Tiffany’s or Anne Tyler’s Breathing Lessons. I refuse to take library books when traveling far from home, so that eliminates Philip Dick’s UBIK. So I THINK I’m going to pack:

Second Sight by Amanda Quick (paranormal romanctic suspense)
Starshine by Theodore Sturgeon (science fiction)
Mrs. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freedman (literature)
a mystery novel (I can’t remember which one I finally pulled off Mt. Bookpile)

Even if I only read on the plane, I’ll have a choice. Since it’s a medical librarian conference, I doubt I’ll get any of Lazy Gal’s infamous reading SWAG – at least in fiction. I’m sure the exhibitors who want our business will have lots of other stuff, though.

5/20 – between the plane ride and waiting for the continuing ed session to begin, I started and finished 2 books. Since then, though, I’ve only gone though another half. I’ll be fine until I get home although at first I was going so fast I was concerned I’d finish all four and have to stop at the airport bookstore…