Travel in Egypt and Save the Earth


Books used to be sacrosanct to me – and still are in most ways. But I now allow myself to make notes in my own copies, especially non-fiction. I finished Rosemary Mahoney’s Down the Nile yesterday. I have notes (in pen and pencil) on the front and back flyleaves (flyleafs??) as well as a few notes in the text itself. I enjoyed the historical recountings she includes in the book. But as for the current culture – Egypt has not been on my dream list of places to visit. After reading this, it will never get on that list, either.

My schoolteacher friend Molly is on summer hiatus so is busy writing book reviews. I have received a number from her in the last month. Today I added a children’s non-fiction called Hot Topic Planet Earth. She recommends this book for children that studies our planet. Her 4th graders liked it, too.

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    Nice book…