Touch Not the Cat and Ballindalloch Castle


“Hello. Can you tell us how the inpiration for this book title was written on the Gatehouse to Ballindalloch Castle in Morayshire, Scotland. We think it was ‘touch not the cat bot aglofe’ We have seen it some years ago. My husband is now writing his memoires and wishes to get those last two words correct. The Gate lodge is very interesting as an edifice on its own account also, being incorporated in a bridge over a sizeable stream. There was a note somewhere in the book about this.Hope you can help
Elizabeth Bates in the Azores..”

This email came today. It’s been too long since I read Mary Stewart’s Touch Not the Cat to remember the reference in the book that Elizabeth wants to remember. Since I borrowed it from the library, I can’t leaf through the book. I suggest that she or her husband contact a librarian. I’m a medical librarian, so I don’t know the good history resources for a question like this. Is there anyone who can?

The above photograph of Ballindalloch Castle came from the Heritage Britain site.