Those Pesky Details


Eclipse by Stephenie MeyerAfter reading Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, I had to read Eclipse. I logged on to my local library web site, did a search by title and author, and opened the first book link on the list. I clicked the request button, glad to see that there wasn’t a wait for the copy.

I picked the book up at the library last week and laid it on my library shelf while I finished The Shack and Overtreated. Today I turned to the first page, then quickly to the second page, then to some random spot in the middle. I had reserved the Spanish copy, sigh. I didn’t look at the details on the library record that plainly say that I had chosen the Spanish version. I’m returning that copy. Meanwhile, there’s a long wait on the English version.

I admire people who can speak and read fluently in two languages.


  1. Comment by Lazygal:

    Get your name on the waiting list for Meyer’s The Host ASAP. Really.

  2. Comment by Jandy:

    Thanks, LazyGal – I am now. Even though it’s not out for a couple months yet, I’m 80+ on the waiting list…