This Week’s Bones Episode


Whether you normally watch the television show Bones or not, I highly recommend this week’s episode,  “The Patriot in Purgatory”. The forensic pathologist interns are investigating cold cases. They find a body of a homeless man that was found in September, 2001, in Washington D.C. The timing of the man’s death is very close to the time of the Pentagon attack on 9/11, so the story is focused on the events of that day.

It’s an excellent episode. The interns include a young West Virginian, a Muslim, a black man, a white man who has depression problems, and a white man from the New York City area. There is a speech by the Muslim that is extremely powerful about how that day degraded his religion and his God. All of them end up recounting their memories of 9/11 and what it did in their lives that day.

The episode also shows how we have moved on in this country in the past eleven years, yet haven’t forgotten.

Normally when I watch a television show I’ve recorded for the week, I delete it from the DVR as soon as I have finished it. But this time I hit save. This episode of Bones needs to be watched again.