The Spellman Files


Have you read any of the Spellmans series? If you haven’t found this cozy, hysterically funny mystery series, you’ve got to check it out – especially if you’re a fan of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. (And yes, I’ve said this before.)

Isabel Spellman’s whole family is – strange? weird? unpredictable? They are a family of private investigators (except for the older brother, David, who is a lawyer). While they take care of their clients, they spy on each other as well. If you haven’t read these, run to your nearest library and check out the first one, The Spellman Files.

After I finished the marvelous Physics of the Impossible Friday evening, I picked up the final book in the Spellman series, The Spellmans Strike Again. Despite the fact the family was coming here today for dinner and the house cleaning I had to do, I still tore right through this book.

By now the narrative style Lisa Lutz uses in these books is no longer new. Yet it’s still fresh and I still found myself laughing out loud at the family’s antics. These books are family friendly reading – no bad language, no questionable bedroom scenes, no violence. I’ve recommended these books from my mother-in-law and my mother to my youngest daughter and anyone who can read at this easy adult level. Age doesn’t matter – although you might not want precocious younger teens reading these. They’ll get lots of ideas to disrupt everyone’s life.

I’m sorry the stories are ending, yet they end in a good way. Everything is tied up as well as life ever lets up tie up our stories. Thanks, Ms. Lutz, for these great books.


  1. Comment by Anonymous:

    It’s actually “Isabel” and not Isabelle.

  2. Comment by Jandy:

    Whoops! It’s fixed now, thanks.