The More Things Change…


The Bondwoman's Narrative by Hannah CraftsFrom The Bondwoman’s Narrative (written in the 1850’s):

“As one of the waiters I saw the company at supper. There were jeweled ladies and gallant gentlemen. There were youthful faces and faces of two score that strove to cheat time, and refuse to be old.”

“I had been to a shop in Pennsylvania Avenue, much frequented by the slaves of fashionable Ladies, who sought to add artifical to natural charms. Paints and cosmetics in every variety, perfums from China and India, hair of every color in curls or braids, teeth, washes, powders magnetic or otherwise, filters, love-tokens, and similar articles of great perfection and infinite variety were to be exchanged for gold.”

We often hear about how we worship youth and try to fight off aging. It seems that was true 150 years ago as well.