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Practically Finished


Wow. It’s been three? four? years since I took the first step to move my website from HTML to WordPress. It’s been a journey.

First I hired a web design company to help set up the new site. That was a good decision at the beginning, but it went downhill after that. Most of what was set up was undone in later stages.

One of the things I wanted from a company was to convert my HTML pages to WP. But according to the web design guru, that wasn’t just an easy switch flip. I had to copy and paste EVERY page from HTML to WP. I try not to know how many pages there really are on this site, but it seems I saw a number between 2300 to 2500 pages at one time. Read the remainder of this entry »

My Blog Has Moved to Its New Home


Jandy's Reading RoomFor years my blog has been through Blogger and my website was a static html site hosted separately. Then about three years ago I decided I needed to convert my site to an interactive format. In January my 6 months to 1 year project finally went live. There are still bugs I want to work out.

I worked on them for a while (no, I still don’t have the stars in the rating system working correctly…). I’ve decided it’s finally time to get my blog transferred over so it’s with my website.

Of course I now I have fix the links in the blog, so if you get to older ones that the links are broken – know that I’ll get to them. Now I may even start blogging more again.

I have been looking back over the blog entries I wrote at the time I got started on the new site. I was optimistic and hadn’t yet learned what my small site meant to the guy I hired to help me with the new design. I quickly got lost in amidst his large clients. If you ever decide to redesign your site with help, make sure you hire someone who works mainly with small sites.

2012 Reading Resolution


LazyGal has issued a challenge. I can’t ignore it because I have to do it whether I take the gauntlet or not. See her post about this resolution. The 2012 Read Your Own Books Challenge was originally issued at the Tales From the Crypt blog.

These are the rules:

This challenge is for those of us who have books that we’ve purchased and just haven’t gotten to. I will go into what does and does not qualify for this challenge below.


Starts January 1, 2012 and ends December 31, 2012
Anyone can join
You don’t have to have a blog to participate.
Non-Bloggers feel free to share your list of books in the comment section of the monthly link up post.
Reviews though not required are always nice.
Audio, E-books, Bound all count
Re-reads DO NOT count
There is no need to come up with your list of books in advance.
Challenge crossovers ok

What qualifies for this challenge?:

Any book that you have personally purchased, been gifted, or swapped, BEFORE January 1, 2012 and just have not gotten the chance to read yet.

What DOES NOT qualify for this challenge?:

Any book that has been purchased AFTER January 1, 2012.
Any book that you have been asked to review
Tour sites, Netgalley, GalleyGrab, etc.
Library Books


Level 1 – Read 1-5 Your Own Books
Level 2 – Read 6-10 Your Own Books
Level 3 – Read 11-20 Your Own Books
Level 4 – Read 21+ Your Own Books

Like LazyGal, I have to go with Level 4 – perhaps my own Level 5 – 50+ Your Own Books. Mt. Bookpile is high. Perhaps it’s not as high as hers, but my bookshelves runneth over.

I have one already for the list. I’ll add the widget with the list in the left column.

Web site update: It takes a (long) while to convert over 2,000 book review pages from the old html to the new WordPress format. I was way too optimistic when I hoped to be done by November. I may have been half way through then.

I keep plugging away at them. Once all the pages are converted, there will be more work to be done with the web page developer. I started in June. Hopefully I will have finished by this coming June. In the meantime, I still continue adding reviews to the current site. I really want to finish so I have more reading time and so I can get back to my scrapbooking. Yes, at times I bite of huge chunks. Some day I will finish this project…

Hugo Awards for 2011


It’s a rare year when I’ve read the Hugo Award best novel before the award is won. But that’s the case this year. Connie Willis’ Black Out/All Clear combo took the best novel prize.

Check the Hugo Award Site for the complete list.

For those few of you who link to my blog, I know it’s quieter than usual. That’s because I’m still hacking away at my web site conversion. More of my reading has been audiobooks these days because I can copy and paste while listening to a book but not while holding one. I think I’m about a quarter of the way through. I like the new look. I hope others agree, but we’ll see.



Did you know there’s a World eBook Fair going on now? It lasts until August 4th. I know some of my readers have Kindles or Nooks. You may want to check this out. They claim there is free access to 6.5 billion (yes, billion) books through Project Gutenberg and Internet Archive for the next month. I think we’ll have to check it out.

World eBook Fair Announcement

For you who are interested, I’ve started the conversion of my web site. It’s going to take a few (many?) months to get it all straightened out the way I want, but I’m plugging away at it.

Expect Changes – But Not Too Soon


For the past couple years I’ve been wanting to revamp my website. To that end I spent much of 2010 trying to figure out Drupal. I never got past the learning curve.

This year I started looking at WordPress. That appears to be the better solution. I’ll have to get some professional help for the conversion but will still do most of the work. There are a LOT of books there. It’s been 13 years this week since I started the site as a small personal site. Who would have guessed then it would be where it is now? It isn’t well known but it stays busy enough.

Anyway, this blog will hopefully be rolled into the new site as well. Just don’t look to see the new site until close to the end of the year. I doubt there’s any program than can automatically convert all those pages. I bet I’ll be doing a lot of cutting and pasting…

Web Site


Four months…four months! BUT,

Jandy’s Reading Room web site is updated. I’m not completely pleased with the pages, but need to take a break from design. They are definitely viewable. And since I accidentally uploaded over my home page tonight, I figured tonight was a good as any for uploading everything.

It’s time foThe Shimmer by David Morrellr you… I’d like feedback (other than the font in the right hand column is too small. I know it is, but the style sheets are hiding some formatting I haven’t found yet).

If you don’t normally go to my review site, I’d like you to take a quick peek and give me criticism – both good and bad. After that, you don’t need to return unless it’s part of your normal web browsing anyway.

Now I’m going back to David Morrell’s new novel, The Shimmer. This thriller featuring Close Encounters of a Third Kind or Roswell type lights has sucked me right in.

Web Page Update and 999 Challenge


The Fencing Master by Arturo Perez-ReverteFor September I only added four books to my 999 Challenge list. My reading was down this month, too. But as I mentioned in a previous post I’m close to finishing up my web page upgrade. I think I’ve finished all the individual pages Now I have to finish up some layout and menu problems. The main page still needs finishing, too.

If you like good historical stories and mysteries, check out Arturo Perez-Reverte’s The Fencing Master. It’s very well done. It shows the political climate and machinations of the time. The monarchy was in trouble and the people as a whole were demanding more recognition. It also shows the cultural changes of the mid 1800’s Madrid. The fencing master is older and a dying breed. When he was young fencing was still an art and still the method of fighting. Now guns are taking precedence and his approach is scorned by more and more people. Perez-Reverte captures the personal conflicts the fencing master has as he faces aging and watching his life disappear. Then when the 50+ year old man falls in love his life becomes more complicated. (Of course love always complicates things, doesn’t it?)

Big (No, Huge) Projects


Yesterday I updated my Facebook status by wondering why I took on big projects. Two people who know me fairly well immediately answered it was because I like the challenge. Although I wouldn’t have said that, they must be right because I do it to myself all the time. Otherwise, I suppose I wouldn’t have earned my Master’s Degree when I was over 50.

My current huge project is to redesign my website. On the surface when I first started planning it out, it didn’t seem too bad. Yes, all the navigation pages would take some major work, but they need it anyway. The individual pages shouldn’t be too bad. (I know there are over 1,000 of them, but haven’t tried to count them. I will after I’ve finished the project.)

Well, the individual pages aren’t too bad – except that each one needs some tweaking to match up to my new vision. That means I have to open each and every single web page file. Since I’m there, if there are links that aren’t to Amazon or another page in my own site, I’d better check those too. If an old link to a book is broken, I need to find the new one. And if… You get the picture.

I slogging along. I spend a lot of time on it, but it’s going slowly. I still have to work, have a social life, and read. I can’t have book review pages without reading books to review.

Plus not everything looks the way I think it should. It looks right in Dreamweaver, but when I look at in on the web through Firefox, it’s wrong. I haven’t tried checking IE yet, or any other browser. I’m sticking with html, xhtml, templates, and css formatting.

Much as I know I should be learning php or other interactive web design programming, that’s beyond my mental abilities right now. I need someone to walk me through the basics, then the stuff I read would probably make sense.

It’s been a month since I started doing this. It’ll be at least another month, and probably two or three before I’m done. I like it so far. If you don’t when I finished, please let me know kindly. I wouldn’t be able to handle harsh after all this work…