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Big Cats and Pumpkins


No, this has nothing to do with reading. But I liked this video. I didn’t realize cats liked pumpkins so much.

Library Video


This video came to my attention today. It’s cute and fun. Like everyone in these days of budget cuts, libraries learn to adjust as well.

There’s a longer version of the video that has a “typical day in today’s library” scene before the song. You can find it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AhSxoVmZQs&feature=related

Librarians Do GaGa


My coworker found this at BoingBoing. Enjoy and laugh.

Artist Moves Saturn’s Rings Around Earth


Part of my job has me checking medical headlines from RSS feeds. Occasionally other items slip through, as well, such as this one. Here’s the YouTube video:

I found it at the NPR site. Roy Prol is the artist who envisioned this.

(I could have done without Ave Maria. Surely Prol could have found different music…)

Edward Cullen Meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Twilight is a huge phenomenon right now. I discovered the books before I knew their popularity, and have recommended them myself. Since the movie, Edward, the main vampire, has become a heart throb, a hottie, sweetheart, or whatever the current term is.

Back in the day (ten years ago) I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy’s mission was to kill vamps. Both the early television show and movie were campy fun although the television show later took itself way too seriously.

Someone finally took the two – the Twilight movie and the Buffy tv show, and mashed them together. It’s a hoot.

(Speaking of Buffy, the reason I started watching Bones on television was because of David Boreanaz…)

Music Video – Not For MTV


This is great, but you probably won’t see it on MTV or VH1…

Sorry it’s wide – I wasn’t able to shrink it.

Thriller for Christmas


Michael Jackson’s Thriller is not normally associated with Christmas. But check out what the staff of the National Library of Australia did at their Christmas party this year:

Libraries Are Great Places


This was on MSNBC:

I use my local public library all the time. Recently I learned the materials budget has been cut about 60% for 2009. I guess I’d better start buying more used books from the Friends of the Library bookstore to help supplement that budget shortage.

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats


Thanks, LazyGal, for posting this. All of us cat owners think it’s a hoot. I know this has little to do with reading, but the video is great. Maybe next time I’m curled up with a book in hand and cat on lap, I’ll play this for whichever one is there. Do you think my cats would enjoy it?