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Busy Not Reading


This month I’ve been trying to get my web site update finished. I’m not going to quite make it yet, sad to say, but I’m close. That means I’ve been watching more movies and television and reading less. Are you interested in the season premier of The Mentalist or Castle or the season finale of Eureka or Hawthorne? I’ve also been revisiting Battlestar Gallactica and am at the point in Season Two where I missed a few episodes. For seasons 2, 3, and 4, I saw the first half but the the second half. I decided not to watch season 5 until I could catch up. (How did they find and settle on that planet, anyway? How did the Cylons find them there?)

This weekend I visited a friend that I’ve known for over 40 years in Houston. I didn’t get to read while visiting, of course, but gots two books finished while waiting for and riding on the planes. That’s two books off Mt. Bookpile. We then went shopping at Books-a-Million (I think that’s the name) at Katy Mills outlet mall. I’ve put two books back on Mt. Bookpile. So this weekend I broke even. (We won’t discuss the other books I received for review or have bought the last couple weeks…)

This weekend I probably won’t get much reading done again – but the web site goal is in sight…

Traveling Again


An unexpected trip to Ohio came up. I’m going with my daughter for a family gathering. We’ll be flying. I’m packing my normal four books (In the Woods by Tana French, a new mystery in America although it’s been published in England, Giant by Edna Ferber for my monthly book club read, For the Roses by Julie Garwood for the romantic touch, and a fun humans meet aliens science fiction novel by Peter Jurasik of Babylon 5 fame). I don’t know how much I’ll be able to read when I’m there, but I’m prepared in case… I’m also hoping I’ll be able to take a side trip to a favorite used book store, but again, I can’t count on anything outside of family issues.

My daughter, on the other hand, is REALLY prepared. She’s packing eight books. Phew! She says they’re all light, easy reads. She just graduated from college and hasn’t started her full time work yet, so has some extra time. She’s squeezing in as much reading as possible around her shopping excursions and get togethers with her friends. Still, eight books is a lot – her suitcase will be heavy just because of the books…

Conference and Graduation Over


The MLA conference in Chicago ended and I flew home to meet out-of-town family who are visiting for my younger daughter’s college graduation. After the graduation were the parties and the family get togethers. The last one is tomorrow, then family flies home and on Wednesday I return to work.

On my way out through the first night of the conference, I read two and one half books (finished Pitch Black, then read Starshine and Second Sight). After that I picked up No Defense by Kate Wilhelm to read throughout the rest of my (little) reading time at the conference and finished it on the way home. On the flight home I started Mrs. Mike. (Have I mentioned how much I like flying because it’s a good time to read?) I finally finished it this morning in between parties and gatherings.

That means five books came off Mt. Bookpile during that time. But I added two more since I came home. My brother was buying a book for my daughter’s graduation present, so I bought one at Barnes and Noble. Then I HAD to show off Mysterious Galaxy, and (of course) bought something there as well. I’ve now added two books to Mt. Bookpile. Of the five I took off, two were received in the last month. That means I’ve only removed one book net from Mt. Bookpile. It is a never ending battle that Mt. Bookpile will win…

Traveling Again


Once again I’m traveling – to a conference. That means deciding what books to pack. Since I’m flying, I don’t want any hardbacks, which eliminates James Patterson’s Sunday at Tiffany’s or Anne Tyler’s Breathing Lessons. I refuse to take library books when traveling far from home, so that eliminates Philip Dick’s UBIK. So I THINK I’m going to pack:

Second Sight by Amanda Quick (paranormal romanctic suspense)
Starshine by Theodore Sturgeon (science fiction)
Mrs. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freedman (literature)
a mystery novel (I can’t remember which one I finally pulled off Mt. Bookpile)

Even if I only read on the plane, I’ll have a choice. Since it’s a medical librarian conference, I doubt I’ll get any of Lazy Gal’s infamous reading SWAG – at least in fiction. I’m sure the exhibitors who want our business will have lots of other stuff, though.

5/20 – between the plane ride and waiting for the continuing ed session to begin, I started and finished 2 books. Since then, though, I’ve only gone though another half. I’ll be fine until I get home although at first I was going so fast I was concerned I’d finish all four and have to stop at the airport bookstore…

Travel in Egypt and Save the Earth


Books used to be sacrosanct to me – and still are in most ways. But I now allow myself to make notes in my own copies, especially non-fiction. I finished Rosemary Mahoney’s Down the Nile yesterday. I have notes (in pen and pencil) on the front and back flyleaves (flyleafs??) as well as a few notes in the text itself. I enjoyed the historical recountings she includes in the book. But as for the current culture – Egypt has not been on my dream list of places to visit. After reading this, it will never get on that list, either.

My schoolteacher friend Molly is on summer hiatus so is busy writing book reviews. I have received a number from her in the last month. Today I added a children’s non-fiction called Hot Topic Planet Earth. She recommends this book for children that studies our planet. Her 4th graders liked it, too.