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Those Pesky Details


Eclipse by Stephenie MeyerAfter reading Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, I had to read Eclipse. I logged on to my local library web site, did a search by title and author, and opened the first book link on the list. I clicked the request button, glad to see that there wasn’t a wait for the copy.

I picked the book up at the library last week and laid it on my library shelf while I finished The Shack and Overtreated. Today I turned to the first page, then quickly to the second page, then to some random spot in the middle. I had reserved the Spanish copy, sigh. I didn’t look at the details on the library record that plainly say that I had chosen the Spanish version. I’m returning that copy. Meanwhile, there’s a long wait on the English version.

I admire people who can speak and read fluently in two languages.

Reading Oddities


Have you noticed that when you read one sort of story, sometimes you end up reading others similar within a short time?

I recently finished High Noon by Nora Roberts. It’s a romantic suspense novel. The main character is a female hostage negotiator with the Savannah police department. Today I started an audio romantic suspense novel called The Negotiator by Dee Henderson. The main character is (guess what?) a hostage negotiator with the Chicago police department. It seems both of them were/are being stalked.

I am liking The Negotiator quite a bit – I think I may have to find more of Dee Henderson’s books.

Last night I finished Dance of the Gods (Nora Roberts again). It’s a paranormal romance that includes vampires – although the vampire isn’t the love interest in this particular book of the trilogy. Tonight I picked up the next book on my review pile – Lady and the Vamp by Michelle Rowen – another paranormal romance with vampires.

4/10 When I finished Murder in Havana, I started another audio book that had been recommended to me. I didn’t know anything about the story line other than it is fantasy. It is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer – and is yet another paranormal vampire romance, this time at the young adult level.

Sometimes I feel I’m reading in circles…