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Book Review: The Hot Zone by Jayne Castle

The Hot Zone by Jayne CastleAfter escaping from the hands of a mad scientist, Sedona Snow moves to Rainshadow Island. It’s remote and lightly populated – a place where she can recuperate from the experiments run on her. She can be on her own and away from ghost hunters and their Guilds.

But alien caverns have been found under Rainshadow. There are strange monsters appearing in the Preserve that may have come from Underground. A new Guild is founded on Rainshadow. Now the island is brimming with macho ghost hunters. The new Guild Boss is Cyrus Jones – a man of mystery with an unusual psychic talent.

Sedona knows she can’t trust everything a Guild Boss says. She’s had proof. But she believes and trusts what Cyrus tells her. When someone tries to attack her in her own home, Cyrus is the person who rescues her. He quickly becomes her protector. She is able to use her paranormal talent to help him with as well.

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Book Review: Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh

Heart of Obsidian by Nalini SinghAt the young age of 27, Kaleb Krychek became a member of the Psy Council. He is possibly the strongest Psy in the world, a powerful telekinetic and telepath. He also is so cold, so deep into Silence he may be a sociopath. He’s not. Instead Kaleb was was trained and raised by a sociopath and now something is broken in him. Even his Silence is fractured but he was so well trained he is able to keep everything hidden behind a solid, cold mask.

After seven years, Kaleb has finally found a woman who was kidnapped. Sahara could have been another powerful Psy with a power noone has seen before. When Kaleb rescues her, she has totally withdrawn into a labyrinth inside her head. All he can do is give her the space she needs. But he won’t let her go. Sahara is his.


999 Challenge


October was a slow reading month again. At least my web site is finished. I also was able to add six books to my challenge. Actually there are two more, but I combined some.

For example, as I mentioned in a previous post I put both of Jane Yolen’s children’s books about disobedient dinosaurs together. Also, Magnol’s Jean de Florette and Manon of the Springs are grouped together because they are one whole story.

I had received an ARC of David Morell’s newest novel, The Shimmer. It’s an excellent mystery/fantasy. What are those shimmering lights there in southwestern Texas? Check it out.

My book club read Where the Heart Is, adding another one for my list. I had seen the movie, and really enjoyed the book. I finally read Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper. Then there was the fun, trashy, romance by Sandra Hill using time travel, Rough and Ready.

Will I finish? It’ll be close. I am reading Jack Finney’s From Time to Time and listening to Mary Higgins Clark’s Just Take My Heart. I have a book translated from Japanese waiting somewhere in all my moving boxes (I really hope it didn’t get mixed in with Mt. Bookpile – it’s a library book). I have another time travel book sitting in Mt. Bookpile. I also borrowed another young adult by Jane Yolen to read. That will finish up time travel and translated books. I finished the stand alone mysteries this month.

Wish me luck…

Weather Rant


Marked By Passion by Kate Perry“Frigid. People had the misconception that California was all sun, palm trees, and blond people in swimsuits, but that was so wrong.”

Marked by Passion by Kate Perry

Ain’t that the truth!

This morning the first thing I heard was that it was 28 degrees where I live. Monday I watched cold rain blowing sideways. I don’t think I’ve seen that since I left Ohio some years back. I am not pleased. The San Diego area is supposed to have “all sun, palm trees, and blond people in swimsuits” type weather all the time, don-cha know?

O.K., I’m done. We need the rain and even the colder weather for our crops. But that is too cold – the citrus crops suffer when covered in frost and below freezing temperatures are not good for them. I really didn’t want to get out from under my warm blankets this morning. Then my sister told me it was 52 in Ohio at the time. Blech!

BTW, Kate Perry was talking about San Francisco, not San Diego, but it still applies.

Paranormal Romances – Angels and Demons


Paranormal romances are hot in the book romance world these days. They’ve always had some attraction, but right now they are especially popular. Perhaps it’s because we would like more magic in our lives.

I just finished reading two romances. The newest one, Insatiable Desire, just came out. It’s the demon story. I didn’t like the book. Yet Rita Herron is a good writer. The last demon romance I tried to read was bad and I had no trouble putting it aside. Insatiable Desire caught my interest immediately despite the violence and raw sex scenes. I was bound up in the characters and the descriptions of the Smoky Mountains. The land there is so old that I could imagine something like the Black Forest and the cave made of black rock. (As an aside, if you’ve never visited the Smoky Mountains, they’re well worth the time.)

As an antidote, I looked in Mt. Bookpile and found An Angel for Emily by Jude Deveraux waiting to be read. That was my next obvious choice. Emily is the head librarian in a small town in the mountains of North Carolina – hmmm, it doesn’t say how close to the Smokies, but she delivers books in the rural areas of the Appalachian Mountains in her free time. As she is leaving an awards dinner one night, angry because her fiance missed it, a man is suddenly standing in the road and she hits him. Although he gets knocked off the road, he is OK. He tells her he is Michael and he is her guardian angel. Yeah, right… It’s a fairly predictable, enjoyable Deveraux romance. The reasons Emily’s life is in danger was a surprise, though.

I’ll take the angel paranormal romances rather than demons. That fits my style. I like happily ever after, preferably with characters I can like throughout the book. Obviously, though, there is an audience for all types of romance, whether you prefer your demons or your angels.

Reading Oddities


Have you noticed that when you read one sort of story, sometimes you end up reading others similar within a short time?

I recently finished High Noon by Nora Roberts. It’s a romantic suspense novel. The main character is a female hostage negotiator with the Savannah police department. Today I started an audio romantic suspense novel called The Negotiator by Dee Henderson. The main character is (guess what?) a hostage negotiator with the Chicago police department. It seems both of them were/are being stalked.

I am liking The Negotiator quite a bit – I think I may have to find more of Dee Henderson’s books.

Last night I finished Dance of the Gods (Nora Roberts again). It’s a paranormal romance that includes vampires – although the vampire isn’t the love interest in this particular book of the trilogy. Tonight I picked up the next book on my review pile – Lady and the Vamp by Michelle Rowen – another paranormal romance with vampires.

4/10 When I finished Murder in Havana, I started another audio book that had been recommended to me. I didn’t know anything about the story line other than it is fantasy. It is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer – and is yet another paranormal vampire romance, this time at the young adult level.

Sometimes I feel I’m reading in circles…