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Book Review: Blue Labyrinth

Blue Labyrinth by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childby Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast is spending a quiet evening at home with his ward, Constance Green, when someone knocks on the door. By the time Constance gets to it, the person who knocked is gone. Instead, a dead body lays on the door sill. Pendergast chases after the car pulling away from the curb but is unable to catch it before it disappears into New York City traffic. This leads him into a hunt that takes him to California, Brazil, and back. The killer leaves specific clues that lead him to dead ends and questions.

When a man is found dead in the New York Museum of Natural History, Lieutenant Vincent D’Agosta is assigned the case. The man, an assistant in the Osteology Department, was killed and hidden to a side area. He wasn’t important in the ranks of the museum, nor did he appear to have any obvious enemies. The last encounter he had had was with a visiting professor studying a skeleton of a Hottentot male from the mid 1800s. D’Agosta presents the case to Pendergast, knowing the agent’s interest in odd cases.

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Book Review: Two Graves by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Two Graves by Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildJust when he found her after twelve years, FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast watches as his wife is kidnapped by a mysterious group of men. He is certain they are Nazis who are operating out of Brazil. He chases them, following them from New York to Florida to Mexico. In Mexico he loses his quarry and Helen. He returns to New York City and isolates himself.

Lieutenant Vinnie D’Agosta is given the lead of a task forces to investigate a bizarre murder. A young man murders a woman in her hotel room and leaves a grisly scene behind. He is seen on the hotel cameras in the hallway, attacking the woman and pushing her into her room. seen leaving her room, seen taking the elevator, and standing around the lobby for a while before he casually walks out. The man seems to know he is on camera but doesn’t care. He leaves his fingerprints and DNA behind, along with something extra, making the scene even more gruesome.

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