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Book Review: Cat In a Yellow Spotlight by Carole Nelson Douglas

Cat In a Yellow Spotlight by Carole Nelson DouglasDecades ago the rock band Black and White exploded and expanded rock music. Then they imploded. The divas, French Vanilla and Chocolatte went on to decent careers, but it wasn’t the same. Now Nicki and Chantal Fontaine are mounting a Black and White reunion show at the Crystal Phoenix Hotel in Las Vegas. Like most rockers, the band members were on drugs, fought with each other, slept with each other, and finally broke up over those same problems. The Fontaines want to prevent that happening again before the reunion show. They ask Temple Barr to move in with the band at the Crystal Phoenix until the reunion show happens.

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Book Review: Stay the Night by Lynn Viehl

Stay the Night by Lynn ViehlOver the centuries Darkyn lord Robin of Loxley has been a thief, a rogue, and a trusted friend and leader. He leads a jardin near Atlanta and has a luxury residence in the city itself. He has been a thief for hundreds of years – since his mortal life. Now he is known as the Magician. Due to his Darkyn l’attrait, he can have any woman he wants. Now he has decided he wants Chris Renshaw. Amazingly, she doesn’t seem to want him – at least not by his normal influence. She is the rare human immune to l’attrait.

Chris Renshaw is in Atlanta to catch the Magician, an art thief who has been operating for years. The FBI agent believes the man is probably in his 70s and possibly retired by now. She has arranged a special showing for an artifact she is sure the man cannot resist. Then she and her team should finally be able to catch the man responsible for her former partner’s death. She cannot let herself be sidetracked by an attractive, seductive man with a wonderful scent. She meets Rob at an Atlanta club, then walks away. His scent and feel linger and she turns to find the address he gave her before she left. Why can’t she have a fling with this man as long as he doesn’t interfere with her job?

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Book Review: Dead In the Water by Julie Smith


Dead In the Water by Julie SmithWhen casual friend Marty Whiteheads takes Rebecca Schwartz to the Monterey Aquarium after hours, they discover a dead woman in the kelp tank. The victim was wearing Marty’s jacket and had Marty’s letter opener stabbed her. She also was the woman who was living with Marty’s ex-husband.

Rebecca becomes Marty’s lawyer and babysitter while Marty is in jail for the weekend. Keil is the son who does whatever is asked of him. Libby, his younger sister, hates everyone and always rebels. Libby’s friend, Esperanza, and Esperanza’s father, Julio Soto. Soto works at the aquarium with the two women.

Being Rebecca, she has to investigate the murder.

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Book Review: It Had to Be You by Jill Shalvis

It Had To Be You by Jill ShalvisAli Winters discovers her boyfriend has another woman when she hears more than she wants while at the fancy evening auction he is running for a community fund drive. She finds a note in their shared house from him. He isn’t coming back and, oh yeah, the lease is up so she needs to move out.

The house’s owner comes in to find an angry, half dressed beautiful woman yelling on her phone to voice mail. Luke Hanover is a cop from San Francisco. He has escaped to Lucky Harbor to get away from a case that went wrong and a young woman was killed. The media storm vilifies the SFPD and him in particular. He blames himself her death, so tells his boss he’s taking three weeks vacation. He wants to be alone (his best friend Jack says he wants to wallow).

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Book Review: The Bat by Jo Nesbo

The Bat by Jo NesboInspector Harry Hole works for the Oslo Crime Squad. When Norwegian woman is raped and killed in Sydney, Australia, he is sent there to observe the investigation. The woman had been a minor celebrity in Norway. When he arrives Harry is given strict instructions to stay out of trouble and that he doesn’t have any authority.

Harry is not a sidelines type of guy. He makes friends with the lead detective in Sydney, Andrew Kensington. Andrew is an Aboriginal Australian who knows Sydney and some of the more colorful neighborhoods and residents of Sydney. Despite instructions, Harry keeps investigating with Andrew and other detectives. As they dig, they discover that the woman may be the most recent victim of a serial killer.

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Book Review: Evermore by Lynn Viehl

Evermore by Lynn ViehlIn Orlando, Florida, there is an attraction for visitors to experience “the real” medieval England. What they don’t know is how realistic and correct the entertainment is. Knight’s Realm is run by Darkyn who were living six hundred years earlier when they became Kyn. Aeden mac Byrne  is the suzerain of the realm and the region. Jayr is his seneschal, the only female Kyn in a high position. She was 17 when she saved Byrne’s life and he accidentally turned her into Kyn. Visitors often mistake her for a boy.

Jayr has been Byrne’s seneschal since he took on his suzerain position. She runs the Realm and keeps Byrne supplied with what he needs – organization, schedules, clothes, women, and blood – like any good personal assistant. Her secret is that she has been in love with him ever since they first met. But after he turned her he treated her with utmost respect. Now he is keeping a secret from her. Byrne is stepping down from his position. He wants to get away into isolation.

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Two New Book Reviews

The Cosmic Computer by H. Beam PiperThe Cosmic Computer by H. Beam Piper

After finishing school on Terra, Conn Maxwell returns to his home planet Poictesme. He returns to the run down planet knowing what the elder expected of him. He is supposed to tell them where MERLIN, the supercomputer from the last war, is located. They see Merlin as their salvation.

While he was on Terra Conn learned that there never was a MERLIN. He knows he can’t tell the men on his planet that truth. He and his father Rodney Maxwell decide to create a story for the men who govern the planet. MERLIN is still out there, but they have to find it. It’s close in one of the neighboring systems. But while they’re looking for MERLIN, they need to prepare their planet for when they have it up and operational.

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Packing for Mars by Mary Roach

Packing for Mars by Mary RoachThe Curious Science of Life in the Void

The current space exploration dreams are for a manned trip to Mars. That’s a small group of people in a confined space under abnormal conditions for well over two years. What provisions will be required? What type of equipment will be required? What type of person would be able to complete the trip successfully? What design and materials will be needed for the spaceship itself? How will the pitfalls of zero gravity be addressed? How can a person stay healthy both mentally and physically in those conditions?

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Book Review: Two Graves by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Two Graves by Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildJust when he found her after twelve years, FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast watches as his wife is kidnapped by a mysterious group of men. He is certain they are Nazis who are operating out of Brazil. He chases them, following them from New York to Florida to Mexico. In Mexico he loses his quarry and Helen. He returns to New York City and isolates himself.

Lieutenant Vinnie D’Agosta is given the lead of a task forces to investigate a bizarre murder. A young man murders a woman in her hotel room and leaves a grisly scene behind. He is seen on the hotel cameras in the hallway, attacking the woman and pushing her into her room. seen leaving her room, seen taking the elevator, and standing around the lobby for a while before he casually walks out. The man seems to know he is on camera but doesn’t care. He leaves his fingerprints and DNA behind, along with something extra, making the scene even more gruesome.

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Book Review: The Hot Zone by Jayne Castle

The Hot Zone by Jayne CastleAfter escaping from the hands of a mad scientist, Sedona Snow moves to Rainshadow Island. It’s remote and lightly populated – a place where she can recuperate from the experiments run on her. She can be on her own and away from ghost hunters and their Guilds.

But alien caverns have been found under Rainshadow. There are strange monsters appearing in the Preserve that may have come from Underground. A new Guild is founded on Rainshadow. Now the island is brimming with macho ghost hunters. The new Guild Boss is Cyrus Jones – a man of mystery with an unusual psychic talent.

Sedona knows she can’t trust everything a Guild Boss says. She’s had proof. But she believes and trusts what Cyrus tells her. When someone tries to attack her in her own home, Cyrus is the person who rescues her. He quickly becomes her protector. She is able to use her paranormal talent to help him with as well.

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Book Review: Lock In by John Scalzi

Lock In by John ScalziDo you like good science fiction? Do you like a good mystery? If either of those questions is yes, don’t miss Lock In.

In the first week on the job, FBI agent Chris Shane gets involved in a case that has everything – money, power, politics, protests, personal control, vendettas, and personal substitutes. Shane is a third stage Haden’s syndrome patient – the body is locked in place in a medical cradle while the conscious inhabits a robot body.

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Book Review: Coldblooded by Helen Cothran

Coldblooded by Helen CothranThings are not going well for Sam Larkin. Her publisher has let her go so she has no income. He is tired of her not meeting deadlines for the educational books she writes. Her brother is still living with and mooching off of her. His only job is a small landscaping job for their sister. Her best friend Eddie is avoiding her. She sees him in groups, but they don’t share the relationship they had before his ex-girlfriend visited Desert Rock.

Then there is Vanessa, her “perfect” sister.Except something is wrong with Vanessa. A neighbor gossips to Sam that Vanessa was seen at a bar with a man – not her husband. When this same man, herpetologist Ben Delacroix, is found dead, Vanessa is a suspect in his murder. Vanessa asks Sam to investigate and find out who killed Ben. Despite appearances, Vanessa is adamant that she is NOT the person who hit him over the head, then tried to make it look like a rattlesnake bit him.

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