If you were at ComiCon last weekend or are a Star Trek fan or keep up with pop culture science fiction trends, you know about John Scalzi’s newest book, Redshirts. I finally got my signed copy (my store was getting them signed while Scalzi was at ComiCon last weekend) and started reading it yesterday.

I was laughing out loud by page 50 because Scalzi nailed so much of the dramatic genre so well. I especially keep laughing at the lieutenant who “almost dies” every time he goes on an away mission, then is miraculously cured within a week or two so he can go on another away mission and have it happen all over again. Over the years I have made lots of jokes about the healing properties of television serial heroes.

I’m flying out of town tonight and hope to finish the book by the end of the plane ride. It’s a hoot.


  1. Comment by Aravis:

    I would love to go to SD Comic Con someday. The book sounds great. Poor red shirts. *G*

  2. Comment by Jandy:

    Yes, it’s a fun, excellent book. The codas at the end wind up the tale very well.