Redshirts Redux


redshirtsAfter I finished Redshirts on the plane, the gentleman sitting next to me observed that I must have liked the book. (I kept chuckling out loud.) I asked him if he knew scifi culture or Star Trek. He didn’t. I was able to explain just enough for him to understand my appreciation. We had a nice chat after that. He works with a small theater company in Portland. His only connection with the world of science fiction or fantasy is through there. They’re putting on Ursula Le Guin’s Left Hand of Darkness at the end of their season. Since I’ll be reading that for the Coursa class I’m starting, I asked more questions. It looks like I’m going to try to return to Portland next May so I can see it. Scalzi gives an entertaining ride to the reader. The three Codas at the end tie up some of the stories that are necessarily left hanging during the storyline itself. Laugh at yourself and have a rolicking time with Redshirts.