Reading Time Curtailed


For the past five weeks I’ve been recuperating. During that time I napped a lot, worked on learning Drupal, scrapbooked, and of course, read. For the first time in ages, I feel like I’ve made a scratch in Mt. Bookpile.

In my time out of work, I’ve taken 20 books out of the many books waiting for me to get to them. Now I have some shelf space to put some of the Mt. Bookpile books that are stacked beside the bookshelf. Admittedly, most of the books have been light reading. Since my attention span was very short at the beginning of my time off, that’s what I needed. Even now, I’m still avoiding the “big” books.

Alas, my reading time will now go back to pre-appendectomy schedule. Plus some of the library books I requested are in. Things will slow up again.

Reading was one good way to ignore the healing pain. Thanks, Mt. Bookpile