Reading Oddities


Have you noticed that when you read one sort of story, sometimes you end up reading others similar within a short time?

I recently finished High Noon by Nora Roberts. It’s a romantic suspense novel. The main character is a female hostage negotiator with the Savannah police department. Today I started an audio romantic suspense novel called The Negotiator by Dee Henderson. The main character is (guess what?) a hostage negotiator with the Chicago police department. It seems both of them were/are being stalked.

I am liking The Negotiator quite a bit – I think I may have to find more of Dee Henderson’s books.

Last night I finished Dance of the Gods (Nora Roberts again). It’s a paranormal romance that includes vampires – although the vampire isn’t the love interest in this particular book of the trilogy. Tonight I picked up the next book on my review pile – Lady and the Vamp by Michelle Rowen – another paranormal romance with vampires.

4/10 When I finished Murder in Havana, I started another audio book that had been recommended to me. I didn’t know anything about the story line other than it is fantasy. It is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer – and is yet another paranormal vampire romance, this time at the young adult level.

Sometimes I feel I’m reading in circles…

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    You can find more Dee Henderson at your Local Berean! Or your local Lifeway!