Reading Oddities


A River in the Sky by Elizabeth PetersEvery once in a while I find coincidences in my reading. This afternoon at lunch I was reading Elizabeth PetersA River in the Sky (1910). Ramses is with someone who has a fever. He tries to remember if his mother said aspirin was helpful in bringing down fevers, then gives one to the person, hoping it will help.

In Connie WillisBlack Out (1940), Eileen is caring for World War II evacuated children with the measles. One girl has a high fever. Eileen tries to remember if aspirin will help a fever since antibiotics haven’t been invented yet. She gives them to the girl in hopes that she’s right.

They’re both right.

It’s my family Christmas Cookie Baking Day this Saturday. This has been a tradition for around 25 years now. I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. Comment by Aravis:

    I love those odds coincidences. I’m nerdy, I know, but those little things excite me. *G*