Reading Oddities


Once again I am struck how two completely different books with no real connection can suddenly have one.

I reTouchstone by Laurie R. Kingcently finished Laurie R. King‘s Touchstone. It’s an historical mystery that takes place in England in 1926. A big part of the story is the near riots and impending strike by the union workers. The coal miners are protesting longer hours in the mines with no pay increase – or even a salary decrease. The characters in the book move in and out of the crowds but the plot of the novel rests on that uprising and strike.The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

The next book I picked up was The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. This is a fantasy novel that starts in England in 1984. What’s happening in the background of the novel? While not part of the major plot, the union members are preparing for a strike. The coal workers are having troubles and there is a show of solidarity.

These are two books from two genres by two very different authors. I’m sure not too many people would pick up one, then go on to the other. But I did.

It’s 60 years later in The Bone Clocks, but the unions and worker fairness was still (again?) an unresolved issue. If I was trying to match up books, I certainly wouldn’t have chosen Touchstone with The Bone Clocks!