Reading Nutrition Labels


The other day I bought some salads and a burrito from Trader Joe’s. Today I decided to have the burrito. I read the nutrition label (as Dr. Schnur tells his readers to do). I was surprised and a bit cynical when I read the package of one burrito contained two servings.

2?? Two?

Who is going to eat half a pre-packaged burrito? It was bean and cheese. If I had cut it in half cold and only heated half, the cheese would have melted all over my plate rather than stay in its wrap.

C’mon folks, let’s get some reality in packaging. It’s the rare person who will only eat half a burrito. Package labels don’t have to be so misleading.


  1. Comment by Laura:

    Jandy, you’re supposed to heat it as a unit and then either share it with someone or save half for later. Silly you!

  2. Comment by Jandy:

    Grin, yes, silly me!

  3. Comment by -Lindy:

    Hmmm…nutrition labels. That’s riveting reading right there… 🙂

  4. Comment by kaikhor:

    Hey, nutrition labels can be riveting when you start trying to eat healthy. You would be amazed at the number of calories something has or how little nutritional value it has…