Reading Lists


Newsweek has a couple reading lists I recently found. First there is their Meta-List of the top 100 books of all time. They start with the disclaimer “Declaring the best book ever written is tricky business. Who’s to say what the best is?”. This list was created by comparing and crunching together the “top” lists from a number of sources and creating this list from all of those combined.

Newsweek’s Top 100 Books: The Meta-List

The other list has a different twist, probably aimed at Americans but possibly at the English speakers of the world. This one targets 50 books they think are applicable today that are good books. To quote: “…no one needs another best-of list telling you how great The Great Gatsby is. What we do need, in a world with precious little time to read (and think) is to know which books…open a window on the times we live in…”

What to Read Now. And Why

I’ve only read two or three on this second list.