Reading Lists and Websites


I love the “best of” or “my favorite” reading lists. I’ve connected to others in this blog, like the NPR lists, or lists from the Library Journal, or specific sites that people have created. I know I can’t read everything on those lists because I read so much that’s not on those lists as well. Even so, I can’t resist them.

Today I followed a tweet to David Brin’s blog. He has a number of “best of” lists. David Brin’s List of “Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy Tales” blog entry covers numerous sub sections of the science fiction and fantasy world. Of course I read it through. Yes, there are many I’ve read, many on Mt. Bookpile, and a good number I hadn’t heard of, let alone read.

Then I followed another link that is on Brin’s blog. I’m sunk now. The site is Best SF Books. Yep, lists of author’s favorites, award winners, and more list types that I haven’t discovered yet. Of their top ten choices for last year, I’ve read one (William Gibson’s Zero History) and have one or two on Mt. Bookpile.

My new mantra should be “Stay out of this site. Stay out of this site. You’ll never read the books if you’re buried in the site. Stay out of this site. Stay out of this site.”

As to my website conversion… Obviously 6 months was way too optimistic. I’m working on it, and over 3/4 of the pages are now converted from the current format to the new one. Once they’re converted, I’ll still need to work with the designer to get the site to work the way I want. There are times when we all take on huge projects, then wonder why. This is one of those…