Reading Interruptus


A year ago we moved into our current home. We knew at the time the landlord was refinancing the property. Two days ago, bank representatives came to our door. The property was foreclosed and sold at auction. We have three weeks to pack up and move out.

I haven’t gone back to check, but I’m pretty sure I whined in this blog last year about the hassles of moving, especially all my books. I’ve acquired a few (read that many) more on Mount Bookpile because we’ve had more space for book shelves. And we have three weeks to find a place, find enough boxes, get packed, and get moved.

Sigh, we never know what curve ball is going to be thrown at our lives. In the major scheme of things, this isn’t bad. Still, right now it’s frustrating and irritating and annoying and… and… and…!

OK, I’ll go pack another box of kitchen stuff now.


  1. Comment by Aravis:

    Oh no! Yes, things could be worse. But this still really sucks! Do you have any leads on a new place yet?

    Good luck!

  2. Comment by Kar:

    Argh! That is so frustrating. I’m going to have to move sometime around June because my landlords have decided to sell my apartment. Fortunately I had only unpacked half my books (because I was looking for the “right” bookcases). Nonetheless, it is so much work! You have my complete sympathy.

  3. Comment by kaikhor:

    You could be like me and borrow from your mother, but if you did that I’d be in a lot of trouble…