Rabbit, Run Was the Book my Book Club Read This Month


Rabbit, Run by John UpdikeMy public library sponsors a monthly book club. I have gone for two years now. We’ve read books from very good (Gone With the Wind) to so-so (Mother Earth, Father Sky), from non-fiction (The Day the World Came to Town) to sentimental mush (The Five People You Meet in Heaven), and from serious classics (The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter) to current best-sellers (we’re going to read Eat, Pray, Love in November).

This month we read Rabbit, Run. I found the book unnerving and unsettling. It maintained my interest in despite the dysfunctional characters. Our discussion tonight helped fill in pieces I hadn’t considered. If nothing else, the discussion helped us mentally keep the book within the right time frame. This novel would be written very differently if it were happening today. I still find it difficult to believe it was published in 1959 or 1960. I didn’t know they could print scenes as risque as some of the ones in this book are at that time in major publications. That’s just a reminder that the Love Children of the 1960’s didn’t have the corner on sex or free love. I’ll probably have to read the sequels even though I don’t like Rabbit, Janice, or their families.

I also added a review for another book Molly read. This one is a romance, Juliette Ascending.

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