Quote From the Science Fiction Writers of America Reading Series


Tin Star by Cecil CastellucciThe Science Fiction Writers of America has a successful Reading Series program in the Northwest. Now they’re starting another one here in Southern California. I believe today’s program at Mysterious Galaxy was the first one for this region. The visiting authors were Nalo Hopkinson, Vernor Vinge, and Cecil Castellucci.

Sister Mine by Nalo HopkinsonIt was an interesting program. Cecil Castellucci, a new author to me, read from her newest young adult science fiction novel, Tin Star. Nalo Hopkinson, who just won the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction read an excerpt from Sister Mine, which was published last year. Verner Vinge read a short story he had had published in the journal Nature around 2000 or so. The three voices are very distinctively different and made for fascinating reading and listening. There was a question and answer session, too, then a book signing by all three preeminent authors.

At one point someone asked what they do when they run into writer’s block. A few ideas were tossed out; they all agreed, though, that sometimes it’s best to walk away and do something else. I compare that to realizing an answer while taking a shower. Nalo Hopkinson had the best description I’ve heard for resting your mind like that:

“the brain goes walk about”