Question for a Dedicated Reader


While visiting my daughter in Oregon this weekend, I also got to know her girlfriend’s parents. I was asked:

Why do you read?

Not “why do you like to read?” or “what do you read” or “do you read fiction/nonfiction” or any related more specific questions. They wanted to understand me better. Instead, ponder this:

Why do you read?


  1. Comment by Mrs. Undomestic:

    I read because it’s a chance to visit a world different than my own. It gives me a chance to see different worlds, different perspectives and learn something I might not have known before. I read because it’s fun and because I can learn so much.

  2. Comment by Aravis:

    I read for many of the same reasons and Mrs. Undomestic.

    It brings me joy. It takes me away. It allows me to experience different worlds, different ways of life, different ways of thinking.

    I read because life would be dull and flat if I didn’t, and unbearable if I couldn’t.

  3. Comment by Anonymous:

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