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Dying Inside by Robert SilverbergFrequently I’m reminded that science fiction and fantasy is more than entertaining space opera, wizards, and dragons. Right now I’m reading Robert Silverberg‘s Dying Inside. It was published back int he 70’s (I’m getting into all sorts of older SF these days). The narrator has been able to read other people’s minds all his life. Now, at 41, he’s losing the ability

The paranormal aspect is the character’s psychic talent. Otherwise, Silverberg wrote this as a self examination, makes you think about life type book. He feeds himself by writing ghost college papers for students who don’t want to do it themselves. We, the reader, get to read a couple of these papers, sinking the book even more into the philosophy of life. I must admit, I wouldn’t have guessed I would read a treatise on Kafka when I opened this book.

This book isn’t entertaining so much as compelling. Yes, I’m enjoying it. Will it have a happy ending? It’s hard to say. I bet instead it ends inconclusively – like ongoing life does.

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  1. Comment by Aravis:

    The older books can sometimes be more interesting or thought-provoking. I wonder how I would feel if I started to lose an ability like that, one that I’d had my whole life and was a part of me? Hm.

    I wonder if he’s available to write my papers for me. I’m really tired of writing my own. I can write excellent papers, of course. I just don’t feel like it! ;0)