About 12 or 13 years ago I discovered the world of Pern. I was 20 years out of the loop at that time. I even had the first three given to me. I had discovered Anne McCaffrey years earlier, just hadn’t gotten to these. Then I borrowed Dolphins of Pern to listen to in the car. After that, I devoured the series.

This is a world with flying, fire breathing dragons. There is no modern communication or gadgets. Yet it isn’t a fantasy series, but rather a science fiction series. The original humans who came to Pern were getting away from the modern life and when their machines finally failed, they turned to the land as they intended.

But they didn’t count on a parasite they call Thread. When another planet in Pern’s system gets too close in their respective orbits, this parasite falls from the upper reaches of the atmosphere. It burns everything it touches and burrows into the ground, eating everything organic around. Only fire kills Thread. And it is best stopped in the air before it has a chance to get to the ground.

The flying dragons were genetically created to flight Thread. Now, hundreds of Turns (years) later (probably close to a thousand in Dragonflight) dragons are what keep Pern safe for the people living there.

These books are written well and are enchanting. They cover the realms of human life, from birth to death, happinesses, sorrows, fears, and triumphs. Yes, they’re science fiction. So what? They are good character studies that leave the reader feeling good afterwords.

If you have yet, check them out. Dragonflight was the first one written and a good place to start. Dragonheart by Todd McCaffrey is the latest as he takes over his mother’s created world and adds to it.


  1. Comment by cafeshree:

    I was addicted to the Pern series when I was younger. I look back on them fondly, but I’m almost afraid to pick them up again because what if they’ve lost something over the years.

  2. Comment by Jandy:

    They haven’t lost anything for me.