Paranormal Romances – Angels and Demons


Paranormal romances are hot in the book romance world these days. They’ve always had some attraction, but right now they are especially popular. Perhaps it’s because we would like more magic in our lives.

I just finished reading two romances. The newest one, Insatiable Desire, just came out. It’s the demon story. I didn’t like the book. Yet Rita Herron is a good writer. The last demon romance I tried to read was bad and I had no trouble putting it aside. Insatiable Desire caught my interest immediately despite the violence and raw sex scenes. I was bound up in the characters and the descriptions of the Smoky Mountains. The land there is so old that I could imagine something like the Black Forest and the cave made of black rock. (As an aside, if you’ve never visited the Smoky Mountains, they’re well worth the time.)

As an antidote, I looked in Mt. Bookpile and found An Angel for Emily by Jude Deveraux waiting to be read. That was my next obvious choice. Emily is the head librarian in a small town in the mountains of North Carolina – hmmm, it doesn’t say how close to the Smokies, but she delivers books in the rural areas of the Appalachian Mountains in her free time. As she is leaving an awards dinner one night, angry because her fiance missed it, a man is suddenly standing in the road and she hits him. Although he gets knocked off the road, he is OK. He tells her he is Michael and he is her guardian angel. Yeah, right… It’s a fairly predictable, enjoyable Deveraux romance. The reasons Emily’s life is in danger was a surprise, though.

I’ll take the angel paranormal romances rather than demons. That fits my style. I like happily ever after, preferably with characters I can like throughout the book. Obviously, though, there is an audience for all types of romance, whether you prefer your demons or your angels.