One Trip Sparks Memories of Another – and Another – and Another


Death of a Doxy by Rex StoutOn Wednesday evening I decided to take a reading/relaxation/road trip for the long weekend I had scheduled off from work. Thursday morning I drove off to the Grand Canyon and on into New Mexico. I was alone on this trip so my thoughts were my own. It was weird how many other places this trip took me in my head from past trips.

St. Michele in northwestern France – the shuttle buses at the Grand Canyon
Austin, Texas – the towels at the hotel swimming pool
Skagway, Alaska – the western motif all over the town of Williams, Arizona
Southern Ohio – I love my aunt, but I wasn’t spending over $300 for an Native American painting I knew she’d love
Western Oregon Tillamook cheese factory – the cafeteria at the Grand Canyon
French Riviera – listening to the first chapter of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender Is the Night
Southwestern South Dakota – the driving approach to the Grand Canyon

The road trip has been a success. The reading trip has been a success as well. I finished four books so far, and will finish at least two more by the time I’m home Sunday afternoon. I learned that I couldn’t listen to Tender is the Night while driving long distances. Its quiet tone in the beginning almost put me to sleep. I changed audio books. The relaxation trip? I don’t miss the massage I had to cancel at all. I’m very relaxed.

It’s too bad I have to return to work on Monday.