Noteworthy Quote


The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough“…let me tell you something. Inside this stupid body I’m still young — I still feel, I still want, I still dream, I still kick up my heels and chafe at restrictions like my body.”

Said by 72-year-old Mary Carson in The Thorn Birds. When he was around 82 or 83 my grandfather said he still felt like he was 25.


  1. Comment by Aravis:

    I remember that quote. I read the book but mostly I remember Stanwyck’s impassioned delivery of it in the miniseries.

    I feel that way too. Don’t you? Younger on the inside than you are on the outside? Still, I’d rather be the age I am than be a teen once more. Or even in my 20s. :0)

  2. Comment by Jandy:

    There is no way I’d want to be a teen ager again!!! But in my head I’m probably between 25 and 30. The nice part about my age now is no small children, no pre-teens, and no teen-agers. Grandkids are much nicer.