Newborns Look a Lot Alike


Yeah, newborns look pretty much the same from one to the next in scrunchiness. Their skin color may be different, some are bald, some have hair, some are smaller or larger, and their heads are usually misshapen from birth. But overall, they look a lot alike. Still, the new one in my life is beautiful – my new granddaughter. I love newborns…

Welcome, Sarah!


  1. Comment by Lazygal:

    Not to be a Child Hating Horror, but I agree with you about them all looking alike (at the start – I know they look different after a few months). I’ve often suspected that if you made everyone wear the same clothing/swaddling, the Proud Parents wouldn’t be able to distinguish their Little Bundle of Joy from any other one.

  2. Comment by Jandy:

    You’re probably oversimplifying, Lazygal. My mother looked at her newest great-granddaughter and said that Sarah looks more like her mother and Sarah’s older sister looked more like her dad when she was born. Mom was right, too.