My Book Collection Catalog


A few years ago I knew I had to have a catalog of my books. LazyGal led me to Book Collector. I was so pleased with it I have recommended it to others and my brother bought Movie Collector for his DVD’s.

I went through 90% of my book shelves and slowly added titles. Every time a new book comes home with me it is entered into the database immediately. There are almost 1100 books in my database. It’s a librarian’s wish to be able to see what it there quickly and easily. Book Collector is definitely one of my better inexpensive purchases.

I have this problem, though… When I’m not home, I can’t check the list to see if I’ve purchased a book but haven’t read it yet. (I don’t want to network it so that I can access it thru the Internet, thanks.) Plus, my wish list is too long to print on a single sheet of paper and it’s in Excel. I like to have this list when I’m at the used bookstores.

So I’m finally trying an online social book site. Again, I’m using LazyGal’s recommendation. I had tried one newer site, but it wouldn’t upload my txt file despite following their directions and paring the file back to two fields. So now my bookshelves are on Goodreads.

Next, I have to figure how to save my wishlist there as well.


  1. Comment by Lazygal:

    1. HOW ARE YOU IMPORTING YOUR CATALOG? I tried and just can’t…

    2. You give me waaaay too much credit for this stuff! But thanks. *blush*

  2. Comment by Jandy:

    Goodreads will upload txt files. So in Book Collector I exported the ISBN, Title, and Author to a txt file, tab delimited between fields. Then I went to the Upload screen in Goodreads, browsed for the file on my hard drive, and voila! Because there are over 1000 entries it took around 20 minutes in my cable connection. There were some ISBNs not recognized, so those rows were discarded, and some came up with weird entries that I had to delete. (I know I don’t own any philosophy books in German – at least I think it was philosophy…)The list still needs cleaning up.

    I still have to figure out the wish list part, though. Since that list is pretty informal, I’ll probably have to do them manually.