Moving Medical Books


For the last few years MPOW (my place of work) has had more people than space. About three years ago more space on a different floor was added, but it wasn’t enough. Last autumn they started looking for a new, larger space. We move in next weekend.

The majority of our medical library materials is online. I still have a few hundred books and 1000+ journals to pack up and move. When choosing a moving company, the PTB (powers that be) thought about office needs and forgot to take into account the needs of moving books. Medical tomes are not light. If I pack the provided boxes to their space capacity, the bottom will fall out. If I fill them to their weight capacity, the books rattle around in the boxes. Plus I’ll need at least twice as many. I have learned that I can put empty journal holder boxes and bookends at the end of the packed books to keep them from rattling around. There is still space between the top of the books and the top of the boxes, so if they’re not moved upright, they could still bounce around.

I am packing the materials in order by their catalog number. I am having visions of arriving in my new library in a week to piles of unsorted books that fell out of the boxes. And worse, to the loose journals that won’t survive the orderly move, either. I really hope I’m being overly pessimistic and cynical. But…

As much as I enjoy my small corporate library position, this is one of those times I could wish to work in a larger library. While they would have a lot more books to pack, they have aides who could do all this packing and unpacking. I just hope the employees who need my services the next couple weeks remember how crazy things are going to be.

A week and a half later I’ll leave for vacation with great relief.

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  1. Comment by Aravis:

    Wow, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. Good luck. Then enjoy that vacation. By the sounds of it, you will have more than earned it!