Mostly Shelved


This past weekend I was finally able to finish the move-in painting on the baseboards. Bookshelves are all in place (except one for Mt. Bookpile). I’ve been able to shelve all my read books that I’ve uncovered. Mt. Bookpile still needs finishing unpacking and shelved.

The organization librarian attacked again. While reshelving I changed my organization system, mixing together groups I used to keep separate. After my brother unpacked his storage, I gained 3 bookcases. How nice not to stack books on top because I ran out of shelf room. There’s even room for growth if/as I reduce Mt. Bookpile.

Cool – I can relax and read some more again.

Now I still need to find one or two missing boxes. I want to find my “In Death” hardbacks. Mom wants to borrow one and I can’t find them yet.