Mired in Middlemarch


Honestly, I am still reading Middlemarch. I’m a little over halfway through. I only have a week and a half to finish 350 pages or so for our book club meeting, sigh. At 10 or 15 pages on a good day, I’m not going to make it.

I keep getting lost in Eliot’s wordy, confusing prose. I’ll read a couple paragraphs – even out loud – and still not know what she was trying to say or proselytize. I’m able to follow the characters’ actions and thoughts, for the most part, but get lost in the additional commentary. Even for a time when authors were paid by the word and there wasn’t any television or movies to distract, Middlemarch still seems to be overblown. So I keep taking breaks for other, modern, quick reads, then return to Middlemarch. Will I finish before our meeting? Doubtful, but sometimes I surprise myself…

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    I hate to tell you this, but it’s my sister who has a newly married friend with a baby on the way. All my friends are married with kids. Oh, except 1 couple. They haven’t had kids yet.