Meeting Old Friends for the First Time


One of the interesting things about the Internet are the relationships we develop there when we stay with a group in a site. I “met” LazyGal around ten years ago at a now defunct web site called The Reader’s Vine. Over the years we have stayed with a core group who have now migrated to The Reader’s Place. She’s a school librarian and an active member of the American Library Association (ALA). The ALA is having their conference in Anaheim this year.

This morning I hopped in my car, stopped at the gas station, and hit the road. Over an hour later I pulled up to the Anaheim Convention Center (next door to Disneyland). There I finally was able to meet LazyGal in real life to continue a friendship that has lasted all this time. It was a wonderful afternoon.

It was also nice having an experienced member navigate me around the Exhibits Hall. She showed me how to find the publishers’ give away books (Advanced Readers Copies, etc) – the hidden gems. So Mt. Bookpile (which LazyGal named in the first place) is growing again.

Old friends are treasures – no matter how you meet and stay in touch over the years.


  1. Comment by Lazygal:

    Just remember, I’m not a friend, I ma colleague 😉

    Seriously, it was great meeting my third TRVer in real life. Maybe we should start a threat at TRP called “I’m travelling – are you nearby”?

    Glad you got some great ARCs. I’ve already read one (Kin) and am plowing through another (Death by Latte).

  2. Comment by Anonymous:

    Not really a comment on meeting old friends. I was browsing your alphabetical list of book titles and was surprised that such an otherwise comprehensive list does not include Mansfield Park.