Looking For Something New to Read?


We have our favorite places to discover something to read – the best seller’s list in the New York Times or LA Times, Amazon, scanning the library shelves, walking in to our favorite book store, reading friends’ blogs or web sites, etc. My friend Kharmonghia put me onto a new website of lists.

Flashlight Worthy has (according to their home page) 312 lists of books. Since today is Inauguration Day here in the United States, they have highlighted two of their lists:

What Barack Obama Reads and Recommends
Every Book of Elizabeth Alexander, the Poet for Obama’s Inauguration

There are lists of all books by an author, the best books by an author, graphic novels, famous people’s reading lists, awards lists, etc. You can submit lists for them to add, as well. Here’s another site to make Mt. Bookpile grow.